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Steam bath

Steam baths, whose benefits are very similar to those of saunas, cause sweating as a result of the wet heat produced in a cubical saturated with steam.

A steam bath helps the human body, which has over two million sweat glands, to release more toxins than it otherwise would under normal circumstances. The high temperatures in steam baths also help activate the defence mechanisms of the immune system.

Main characteristics:

– Includes master safety differentiator.
– Safety thermostat thar limits temperatures.
– Programmable timer with automatic shut-off.
– Continuous ventilation system ensuring renewal of air inside the cabin.
– Possibility of start-up and shut-off of ventilation system.
– Tank constructed fom 4 mm thick stainless steel.
– Cyclical tank drainage reducing sediment build up.
– Programmable cyclical computerised automatic central control.
– Safety valve for boiler preessure control.
– Programmable aromatic essence dosifier.
– Digital display control for all functions.
– Air injection valve for ventilation system.
– In public iinstallations it is essential to also install a decalcifier.