Natural pools without chemicals

Posted on Monday, 20 March 2017



People are increasingly choosing natural pools, which are not only characterised by their beauty but also because they are pleasant to bathe in as they have no chemical products in them.


Pure Nature


”Pure Nature” pools are characterised by their resemblance to natural pools, that is, they blend in with the surrounding nature and as there is no type of filtration, they go through periods of cloudy water, just like in nature. Their maintenance consists in looking after the plants, and cleaning algae off the bottom and walls. This type of pool gives a similar feeling to being in the middle of nature.




Our “Natural” pools are just like natural ones, with the difference that we use a filter, pump and skimmer. This is a low maintenance pool (only the skimmer has to be cleaned) and the water is clear most of the time.







Clear pools also blend in with surrounding nature but thanks to technology, the water remains crystal clear all year round. This type of pool gives bathers a natural experience but in clear water at all times.


Crystal Clear 


In “Crystal Clear” pools, the flora and fauna are kept separate from the pool area. They are also known as hybrid pools. This type of pool guarantees crystal clear water throughout the year thanks to the way it is built and its filtration system. It is even possible to lengthen the bathing season by adding a heat pump.









Finally, there are what are known as Biopools, which at first sight look like a traditional pool, but they have the filtration system of a natural pool. Biopools do not use plants as the other types of pool described above, and both the floor and walls can be cleaned using robotic pool cleaners.


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