Children love pool time. Swimming is an activity that not only benefits the development of motor skills but promotes physical and emotional development as well.

It is crucial that maximum safety measures are taken in and around the pool to keep children safe.

AstralPool offers a series of security features that help prevent accidents, making pool time a fun time for the whole family.


AstralPool continually offers the most innovative safety products on the market



AstralPool rigid covers not only save on water and maintenance but are an essential safety feature, as they can hold the weight of more than one person.



The floating, rigid sheets cover the entire pool to offer maximum security should any person or animal fall into the water.


AstralPool’s covers comply with the French standard NF P-90-308 (France is the only country with legislation on private pools). It requires the use of standardized safety devices to prevent the risk of drowning after an accidental fall into the pool.



Access ladders to the pool have safety steps with non-slip surface to prevent slips and falls.


Those non-slip safety steps complie with EN 13451-1 and EN 13451-2 Standards.




Safety barriers for pools are recommended when there are children and pets in the home. They should be 1.10 metres high and have a safety latch on the gate to prevent it being opened by children.


Alarms are useful in the event of a fall into the water. They go off whenever a safety line has been crossed so that quick action can be taken.


Slips and falls are not the only things that can cause accidents in pools.


Keeping your pool water in perfect condition will prevent skin rashes, allergies and even respiratory problems.


Therefore, keeping the water in check and adding the proper dose of chemical products is a very important part of hazard prevention in a pool.


We have come up with solutions that will make life easier for keeping your pool water in perfect condition.

Salt chlorination, and pH and Chlorine control

The Smart, Sel and Selwatch ranges can be found in this family.


The Smart+ device comes with a bubble detector, flow switch and compact probe holder for pH testing, a pH minus injection point and a flowmeter as standard features. It also has salt level alarms and displays the amount of salt that needs to be added.

In the Sel range, the Dual Pure device (recommended for both indoor and outdoor pools of up to 160 m2), performs self-cleaning salt electrolysis through polarity inversion and automatic pH regulation. It has a built-in self-diagnosis function and a connection for an automatic pool cover.

The last of our salt chlorinators is Selwatch+, a colorimetric regulation system that tests water every 90 minutes to adjust the chlorine to the desired level (ensuring unbeatable safety, autonomy and comfort). It has a display of the status of functions and is compatible with automatic pool covers.

Automatic UV disinfection

AstralPool’s most advanced water treatment system:


+ Sustainability +Disinfection +Innovation +Healthy


Amongst its advantages is its dual disinfection based on salt chlorination and UV treatment, which results in water of such good quality that it can be used for watering the garden.


It is characterised by its unmatched capacity for reducing chloramines (UV, LP + Chlorination) and its UV, HO, LP lamps (13,000 hours).


Patented process