With space for 4 people, its 27 jets and 12 nozzles inject hot air in a complete circuit that goes beyond functionality to focus on real emotions. The design of its enveloping LED lighting system with five spotlights and its illuminated front perimeter make this hot tub a sensational chromotherapy centre, bathing the setting and the moment in transformative hints of colour. Moreover, the Aromatherapy system completes this complete sense of well-being through the sensory power of aromatherapy: fragrances released into the air by bubbles that transport your mind and body to a new dimension of relaxation. Meanwhile, the wide range of finishes for the cabinet (solid, surface) means it will beautifully complement any space. In fact, the Spa Pure was designed with aesthetics in mind and will radically personalise your home, terrace, garden, or swimming pool area. Everything changes with the arrival of the Pure. Starting with you.
If you’re looking for distinction, this hot tub is for you
Sharing a hot tub connects us and brings us closer. In this intimate atmosphere, it is essential for everything to be under control, which is why Pure as the built-in Balboa system to control all filtration, temperature and massage level functions. It has a cartridge filter and Ultraviolet Treatment, the advanced disinfection system that uses a ultraviolet (UV) light to guarantee the water stays clean and fresh, reducing disinfectant use by 80% and protecting the environment.

In short, spa Pure is the hot tub for design lovers seeking a holistic relationship between health, comfort and emotions.

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68450SS336 PURE White Solid Surface Cabinet + PureLine + ECOSpa
68450SS337 PURE White Solid Surface Cabinet + PureLine + Bluetooth Audio+ ECOSpa
PURE White Solid Surface Cabinet + PureLine + ECOSpa
PURE White Solid Surface Cabinet + PureLine + Bluetooth Audio+ ECOSpa
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