Retro Lounger

The Retro Loungers are constituted by a lightweight and high density insulating core, coated by a polymeric mortar reinforced with glass fiber mesh that provides high resistance to percussion. They have a rough textured surface that improves the adhesion of subsequent
coatings, without prior treatment, except in cases specified by the manufacturer of the final coating. The combination of the characteristics of all components leads to resistant elements to contact and constant immersion in water without degradation, high insulating capacity, good mechanical strength and easy handling due to its low weight, provide suitable supports for coatings termination high aesthetic level.
A studied design that promotes access, relaxation and enjoyment in wet areas. Are supplied ready for coating and selected the shape and design, correct assembly and attachment to the desired area is only necessary, representing a reduction of manpower installation, static
weight reduction and elimination of human error.

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67754 Retro Lounger
Retro Lounger
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