Drains of Ø 290 mm for liner. PARKER model

All main drains made in plastic are provided with UV protected grilles.

– Water passing speed 0.5 m/seg

– Maximum suction velocity 1.5 m/seg

– Minimum distance between drains: >2 m

Made totally in white ABS, with self adhesive gaskets and screws. 2″ side connections which can be plugged from the inside for pressure testing. 11/2″ bottom connection with plug for fitting the hydrostatic relief valve & drainage tube. Suction velocity 0.5 m/sec. Recommended max. flow: 13 m3/h.

Installed flush with floor bottom for total drainage.

Complies with Standards:
EN 16582-1
EN 16713-2

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Code Description Spare parts Documents BIM
00270 Drain of Ø 280 mm for liner PARKER model
07880 With self tapping screws
Drain of Ø 280 mm for liner PARKER model
With self tapping screws