Multiflow return inlet Parker model


The eyeball has been marked with a series of “knock-outs” at 14, 20, and 25, enabling the required flow to be selected at the time of installation.

Recommended max flow 4 m/sec., complies with UNE 13451-1:

Ø 14 mm = 30 m3/h, Ø 20 mm = 4,5 m3/h, Ø 25 mm = 7 m3/h For liner pools, white ABS plastic with gaskets and screws. External threead of 2″, Ø 50 mm solvent internal. Installation with wall conduits 15662 or 15663 is recommended.

Complies with standars:
EN 16582-1
EN 16713-2

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Code Description Spare parts Documents BIM
06498 With self tapping screws
With self tapping screws