Concentrated product that prevents the formation of algae as a result of chemicals, garden fertilisers and other contaminating agents. It removes the phosphates on which algae feed, thus inhibiting their growth.

Suitable for use in all types of pools, filters and disinfection treatment systems.

• Is easy to use.

• Improves the performance of salt chlorinators.

Recommended use:

The concentration of phosphates should be kept below 125 ppb (parts per billion) to prevent the formation of algae.

Initial treatment for high phosphate levels:

1. Ensure the filter is clean and that the system is working properly.

2. Pour the required concentration of PhosFree in a container with water and spread the solution evenly across the surface of the pool.

3. Keep the filtration system running for at least 24 hours following application.

4. Test the phosphate level of your pool using a phosphate test kit 48 hours later. If necessary, repeat the treatment.

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