System VRAC III Basic

Novelties 2019 System VRAC III Basic

New, improved automatic multiport valve run using a push button keyboard. Controls filtration, backwashing,
rinsing, emptying, recirculation and shut-down.
• Adaptable: It can be fitted in all facilities with a filter, and is quick and easy to install.
• Comfort: With a simple programming using the keypad, you will receive a fully automated filtration of your pool.
• Hygiene: To obtain an optimal water quality for swimming, filtration runs every day, optimizing the wash cycles.
• Safety: The automatic valve continually monitors the filtration system, this preventing potential breakdowns.
New power surge protection. Spring coated to prevent rusting.
• Quick-read information via LED lights.

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Code Description Spare parts Documents BIM
70768 Basic 11/2 “Lateral, Var 3
70769 Basic 2 “Lateral, Var 3
Basic 11/2 “Lateral, Var 3
Basic 2 “Lateral, Var 3