Novelties 2018 Proheat II CHILLER

The PROHEAT II CHILLER is used for heating swimming pools even with 0ºC in air, extending the swimming season.
• Robust, lightweight casing in Aluminium and Magnesium sheet anti-corrosion, Aluminium structure. Not degradable color.
• High performance evaporator coil made of copper tube and lacquered aluminium fins, especially for corrosive environments.
• Axial fans.
• Compressor Scroll.
• Titanium condensers made of Titanium G2 and PVC against corrosion.
• Refrigerant Gas R-410-A.
• High and Low pressure switches (HP/LP).
• Expansion by thermostatic valve with external balancer.
• Reversible cycle for defrosting by 4-way valve.
​• Dry filter bidirectional.
• Water circuit made of PVC with wa-ter flow switch.
• Filter pump control.
• Automatic electrical protections.
• Easy-to-use control panel, with display of current temperature, setpoint and alarm messages.

  • Codes
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Code Description Spare parts Documents BIM
68245 Proheat II Chiller 35 KW
68246 Proheat II Chiller 45 KW
68247 Proheat II Chiller 60 KW
68248 Proheat II Chiller 90 KW
68249 Proheat II Chiller 120 KW
Proheat II Chiller 35 KW
Proheat II Chiller 45 KW
Proheat II Chiller 60 KW
Proheat II Chiller 90 KW
Proheat II Chiller 120 KW
Technical characteristics

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