Blue Connect

Novelties 2018 Blue Connect

Blue continuously measures core pool parameters: pH, temperature, ORP and conductivity. Analysis results reported via alerts to the customer’s smartphone.
Cutting-edge technology:
Blue continuously and precisely measures pH, disinfectant level, temperature and water conductivity thanks to its 4-in-1 sensor.
Blue sends measured data over the Sigfox mobile network various times a day. The data are compiled and stored in a safe infrastructure in the cloud. It also enables instant measurements at any time by Bluetooth.
Plug & Play:
Blue is easy to install in the pool or plant room. The battery and probe can be changed with no need for tools and in just a few minutes.
Free app:
Users can access their pool data over their smartphone wherever they are and whenever they want thanks to the Blue Connect app. Alerts are sent when action is needed and the personalised tips help ensure optimal use of chemical products.
Pro platform:
Pool professionals can access their poolpark data in just one click and for free over the Pro platform. This means they can optimise operations and maintenance services and anticipate their customers’ requirements.

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Code Description Spare parts Documents BIM
70158 Blue Connect
70159 Blue Connect Plus
7015C001 Blue Battery
7015C002 Blue Fit50
7015C004 Blue Extender Wifi Gateway
7015R001 Blue Sensor Pt
7015R002 Blue Sensor Au
Blue Connect
Blue Connect Plus
Blue Battery
Blue Fit50
Blue Extender Wifi Gateway
Blue Sensor Pt
Blue Sensor Au
Descubre Blue Connect
Blue Connect – Smart Pool analyser
Blue Connect – Analyseur de piscine intelligent
Blue Connect – Analizzatore Intelligente per piscine
Blue Connect – Das intelligente Überwachungssytem für Ihr Schwimmbad.