Concrete floor inlet


Concrete pool - Inlets
Pool floor return inlet. Outer 2" thread, int. Ø 50 mm.

All-in-one return inlet and suction nozzle. Adjustable flow rate. Made of ABS plastic and screws in stainless
steel. Maximum recommended flow rate compliant with standard EN 13451-1: 12 m3/h.
Complies with standards:
EN 16582-1
EN 16713-2

CODE Description Spare Parts
00303 2'' external thread, Ø 50 mm solvent internal - White See Spare Parts
20140 To glue onto Ø 63 mm PN 6, inner Ø 50 mm See Spare Parts
00303#CL#090 INLET 2’’ GLUED THREAD (Ø50mm) Beige See Spare Parts
00303#CL#129 INLET 2’’ GLUED THREAD (Ø50mm) Light gray See Spare Parts
00303#CL#144 INLET 2’’ GLUED THREAD (Ø50mm) Anthracite See Spare Parts
15863 Return inlet Connection: External Ø 63 mm See Spare Parts
33501 Inlet with Ø 20 mm ball to be glued See Spare Parts
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