General technical features:
• Automatic pH or redox control and dosing system
• Measurement range of 0–14 (pH) and 0–100 mV (redox)
• It comes with a full installation kit, made up of a pH or redox sensor (depending on the model), a sensor holder, standard solutions, suction and blow pipes, and suction and blow pipe fittings
• ABS casing with IP65 protection rating
• Digital display screen for both pH and redox readings
• Remote on-off input (230 VAC) that keeps display lit up for calibration and programming

CODE Description Spare Parts
66156 Control Basic Next Spa 0,4 L/h See Spare Parts
66157 Control Basic Next Spa ORP 0,4 L/h See Spare Parts
66162 Control Basic Next pH 1,5 L/h See Spare Parts
66163 Control Basic Next ORP 1,5 L/h See Spare Parts
66336 Control Basic Next pH 3,0 L/h
66337 Control Basic Next ORP 3 L/h
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