+ Clear design.
+ Wood of great quality.
+ Excellent detail.

• Construction of Hemlock plywood vertical panels 56mm thick.
• Tongue and grove system for optimum sealing. Temperature resistance up to 150° Celsius.
• Thermal insulated inside with mineral wool and moisture insulated with aluminium foil.
• Floor frame made of impregnated solid wood.
• Floor grill made of Abachi wood.
• Full glass front panel of 8mm tempered transparent glass with solid wooden frame.
• Door: 8mm tempered transparent glass no frame; wooden handle square profile.
• Open Benches with wall backrest, made of Abachi with low heat conductivity. Benches withstand the weight of 200 kg/m.
• Headrest made of Abachi.
• Sauna Led light along bench backrest, 12V, white warm light 3000K.
• Heater power: according to different sizes.
• Control panel: Standard series.
• Silicone wiring 400 V III + N- wire + Ground wire.
• Air ventilation.
• The front wall is visible. If you would like the other walls to be visible, please add a comment to your order. There will be an extra charge.

CODE Description Spare Parts
60787 St Moritz Sauna 220 x 220 x 210 9 kW 230 / 400 3~
60788 St Moritz Sauna 260 x 220 x 210 10,5 kW 230 / 400 3~
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