• Heliox UV MP (medium pressure) systems are designed to be used in public pools. These lamps operate over a wide spectrum to cover the whole of the UV region (see graph), which makes possible the effective eradication of chloramines (<0.6 ppm) in the pool water and its efficient disinfection due to the neutralisation of microorganisms (99.9%), including those resistant to chlorine treatment.
• More compact design (UV reactor in AISI-316).
• Adjustable to between 70 and 100% of rated power, in 1% increments, by means of a self-cooling electronic ballast.
• Fluidra technology (design and manufacturing).
• Calibrated UV-C radiation sensor (mW/cm2). Precise dose control. Instant power adjustment to process conditions. Saves energy and extends the lamp’s lifetime.
• Advanced colour touch screen. System menu for browsing process parameters and log files.
• All UV MP 50-->450 and UV MP 50AWP -> 450AWP models are built in compliance with UL NSF

CODE Description Spare Parts
52200 Heliox UV MP 50 See Spare Parts
52201 Heliox UV MP 80 See Spare Parts
52202 Heliox UV MP 140 See Spare Parts
52203 Heliox UV MP 300 See Spare Parts
52204 Heliox UV MP 450 See Spare Parts
52205 Heliox UV MP 675 See Spare Parts
58808 Heliox UV MP 50 W
58809 Heliox UV MP 80 W
58698 Heliox UV MP 140 W
58810 Heliox UV MP 300 W
58699 Heliox UV MP 450 W
58811 Heliox UV MP 675 W
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