Relay box


For Elite Connect, Neolysis 2, Control Connect
Pre-wired cabinet that facilitates the installation between Elite Connect, Neolysis 2 or Control Connect and the pool equipment that can be controlled using 4 power outputs (filter pump, heater, lighting, etc.). See Elite Connect on page 294, Neolysis 2 on page 300 and Control Connect on page 305.
• IP55 watertight casing.
• All outputs are protected by a fuse.
• Control features :
1 x 230 Vac output for :
- Filter pump up to 3 HP
- Or any device up to 10A / 2.3 kW
3 x 230 Vac outputs for :
- Filter pump up to 1/3 HP
- Any device up to 6.5A / 1.5 kW

CODE Description Spare Parts
72454 Relay Box (for pool equipment control)
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