The pump is equipped with a modern microcontroller allowing design of a extremely compact and reliable electronic device. · The products are manufactured according CE regulation. · IP 65 protection. · Antiacid plastic casing. · Control panel protection assured by an adhesive polyester film, weatherproof and resisting UV rays · Standard power supply: 230 V a.c.50 Hz single phase. · Optional power supply: 240 V a.c.50-60 Hz single phase; 110 V a.c. 50-60 Hz single phase

CODE Description Spare Parts
57174 Volumetric Exactus 5 L/h 7 bar See Spare Parts
57175 Volumetric Exactus 5 L/h 10 bar See Spare Parts
57176 Volumetric Exactus 10 L/h 5 bar See Spare Parts
57177 Volumetric Exactus 20 L/h 5 bar See Spare Parts
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