Round Ø 270 mm main drain with ABS grating. Standard thread.

Bottom 11/2" and side 2" outlets. Fully manufactured in white ABS. Side outlet for plug to test watertightness.
Bottom outlet with plug and possibility of fitting a hydrostatic valve code 00277 (see page 108) and drainage
tube code 21581, (see page 108). Ø 250mm suction grille. Max. flow rate: 13 m3/h.

Complies with Standards:
EN 16582-1
EN 16713-2

CODE Description Spare Parts
01466 Circular main drain Ø 270 mm See Spare Parts
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Installation manual

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  • Installation manual Round Ø 270mm main drain EN ES FR +

Product data sheet

  • Product Data Sheet Round Ø 270mm main drain EN ES FR +

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