Compact ElectricHeat, electric heater:
+ From 3 to 18kW
+ Electronic models for more comfort.
+ Titanium resistances models compatible with salt pools.

• Linear configuration that offers ease of installation.
• OLED display for electronic models.
• LCD display for mechanical model.
• Incoloy or Titanium resistances models.
• Single or 3 phase wiring.
• Simple and fast electrical connection system.
• Replaceable parts: the internal components are easy to access and replace.

CODE Description Spare Parts
60173 Compact ElectricHeat 12 Incoloy See Spare Parts
60174 Compact ElectricHeat 18 Incoloy See Spare Parts
60170 Compact ElectricHeat 3 Incoloy See Spare Parts
60171 Compact ElectricHeat 6 Incoloy See Spare Parts
60172 Compact ElectricHeat 9 Incoloy See Spare Parts
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  • Product Data Sheet Compact ElectricHeat EN ES
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