Aster filter - high quality of filtration


Laminated filter made of fibreglass and polyester. Filter bed 800 mm in depth. Grey in colour, polypropylene base, fast open lid, water drainage plug, flowmeter and side multiport valve. Maximum pressure 2.5 bar.
Top filtration speed of 50 m3/h/m2. The filter can be used with a single layer or a multi-layer combination of gravel with sand, glass or anthracite. Quick-release lid. Has a 21/2" sand discharge out let at the bottom of the filter. Optional sand discharge outlet of 200 mm. Optional vinylester interior finish for treatment with ozone.
Maximum temperature 50°.

CODE Description Spare Parts
10003-0100 Ø 900 mm output 2''
24768-0100 Ø 500 mm output 1½''
24769-0100 Ø 600 mm output 1½''
24770-0100 Ø 750 mm output 2''
10004-0100 Ø 900 output 2½'' without valve See Spare Parts
10003FT01-110 Ø 900 mm output 2'' See Spare Parts
10004FT01-110 Ø 900 output 21/2'' See Spare Parts
24768FT01-110 Ø 500 mm output 2'' See Spare Parts
24769FT01-110 Ø 600 mm output 2'' See Spare Parts
24770FT01-110 Ø 750 mm output 2'' See Spare Parts
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