Fiji Pump

• Fiji is a high performance pump designed for above ground pools, working under a vast range of conditions whilst delivering the requested fl ow and pressure.
• The Fiji pump features a see-through lid for easy inspection, easy-to-remove drain plugs and a large strainer to extend the time between cleaning.
• The motor materials are rustproof with a stainless steel motor shaft and sealed bearings that never need lubrication.
• The thermoplastic housing is built to withstand extreme heat and resist corrosion.
• Single phase motors are available from 0,18 Hp up to 0,3 Hp.
• A pre-fi lter has been added to prevent the entry of any foreign bodies which could cause damage to the hydraulic parts of the pump.
• Fiji is quiet due to its innovative hydraulic design.
• Every Fiji pump is performance and pressure tested prior to shipment to ensure superior quality.
• TUV GS certifi ed.

  • Codes
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Code Description Pièces de rechange Documents BIM
04010601 Fiji 3 Pump 125W
04010602 Fiji 4 Pump 180W
04010603 Fiji 6 Pump 230W
Fiji 3 Pump 125W
Fiji 4 Pump 180W
Fiji 6 Pump 230W
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