Net’N’Clean distributor valve Ø 50 mm

The NET’N’CLEAN is an efficient cleaning system, consisting of a six outlet distributor valve that receives clean water from the filter and distributes it sequentially to a series of nozzles installed on the pool floor. As pressurised water exits the nozzles, it lifts dirt from the bottom into suspension to be collected by the skimmer and the drain. The Net ‘n’ Clean offers a more efficient and cost effective alternative to other cleaning systems as it provides a more uniform distribution of the pool temperature and chemicals.

Six way distribution valve. This valve is part of the Net’n’Clean cleaning system which is integrated in the pool floor. It distributes water sequentially through its various branches. Its manufacture with high resistance materials -AISI 316L- makes it very resistant to salt treatments

Maximum working pressure: 1.4 bars.
Maximum flow: 15 m³/h.
Connections: 7 x Ø 50 mm.
2 pop-up nozzles for branch recommended.

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21257 Net n Clean distributor valve: European model Voir pièces détachées
Net n Clean distributor valve: European model