Skimmer 17.5 L Panel Protect inside assembly

Skimmers for panelled pools. The wide throat should be fixed into the inside of the panel. Each skimmer box includes the necessary adhesive.

Versions of the 17.5 litre skimmer can be supplied with extensions much larger than those previously stated. This could be of particular interest when using wider coping stones than the usual width.

Is compatible with EASYCOLOR Inlet sheath item 73166CLXXX to an easy color change of the skimmer embellisher and the floater. This sheath could be installed without change the skimmer mouth what is very practical to renew or upgrade pools.

Complies with Standards EN-16582-1, EN 16713-2

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30867 Skimmer Panel Protect 17.5 l wide troat, square lid Voir pièces détachées
Skimmer Panel Protect 17.5 l wide troat, square lid
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