Projectors RGB

RAPID projectors whose special feature lies in the easy assembly in the pool thanks to the connection in 1 « 1/2 nozzles.
With an extra-flat front to offer an integrating design in the pool. Thanks to the adapters, it can also be installed in a Ø59 bushing or 2 « thread and in Ø63 tubes in both PN6 and PN10. You can also install it in the Lumiplus Mini 53596 and 59983 niches (only the liner model)
Available in the following light colors: cold white, warm white, RGB and RGB-Wireless.
The RGB model is compatible with the LumiPlus Eco, LumiPlus Top, LumiPlus LED APP and LumiPlus Modbus controls.
Supplied with replaceable 2 x 1mm2 cable and a length of 2.5 m.
Power Consumption RGB: 22W 29(VA)
Power: 12Vac
Lifespan: L70 – 50,000h

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62328 Lumiplus Rapid V1 RGB/ consumption 27 W( 37 VA) Voir pièces détachées
Lumiplus Rapid V1 RGB/ consumption 27 W( 37 VA)
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