+ A fully automated pH and chlorine control unit with all of the added advantages of salt water chlorination.
• Connected product with built-in Ethernet port and PoolStation app (available on iOS & aOS).
• NN Thing: Smart control within Fluidra Connect pool automation and NN app (available on iOS & aOS).
• Scalable control functions with S-Driver® plug-in modules (pH, Rx and Cl ppm).
• 2.8'' OLED colour touch screen with enhanced display
• Integrated timer scheduling for all controlled pool features.
• 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs (relays) to control filter pump, heater, lighting, etc.
• Equipped with a gas sensor, a flow switch and a compact sensor holder as standard.
• Equipped with high quality electrodes, with a service life of up to 12,000 hours under normal conditions.
• Output control from 0 to 100%.
• pH dosing pump included with pH option.
• Low-salt version (1–2 g/l).
• Optional VSP S-Driver® that can control 3-speed variable speed pumps and backwash piston valves.
• Optional Relay Box to ease the installation between Elite Connect and the controlled pool equipment.

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70037 Elite Connect
70039 Elite Connect
70019 Elite Connect
70040 Elite Connect
70031 Elite Connect
70361 Elite Connect
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