• A new model designed in collaboration with a designer: modern shape and outline.
• Optional Solar LED Lighting available with a white or grey stand 072202B/072202G
• Cast aluminum structure.
• Easy to assemble and disassemble.

• Motor: Tubular.
• Pool (interior dim.): 7.5 x 17 m
• Motorized roller
- With limit switch.
- With salt chlorinator contact.
• Standard cover.
• 4 stand colors available.
Stand + shaft + motor with limit switch + unit with contact for salt chlorinator + key switch on stand + cover connect APP.
4 stand colors available. Add the 2 letters for the chosen color at the end of the code.

White / White BB
White / Anthracite Grey BGA
White / Light Grey BGC
White / Turquoise Blue BBT

For example, OCTÉO stand in Anthracite Grey / White for an interior pool width of 7.5 m and length of 16 m: Code 072020GB

CODE Beschreibung Ersatzteile
072005 Elevated model
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