LumiPlus Flexi

LumiPlus Flexi

LumiPlus Flexi is the new solution for LED projectors from Astralpool.

The new family of LumiPlus Flexi spotlights, FlexiNiche, FlexiSlim and FlexiRapid, is characterized by its great adaptability to any type of new-build and existing liner or concrete pool and can be fitted in a niche, on the surface or to bushing.

Maximum flexibility with the new LumiPlus Flexi system by AstralPool.

Ideal for public/hotel pools and residential pools in version V2 and V1,

LumiPlus Flexi is a solution made up of 3 components allowing you to choose:
The color of light
Fixation System
The color of the faceplate most suitable for the pool (White, Beige, Light Gray and Anthracite).