Control box for pump control and 1 underwater light

Swimming Pool Pumps Control boxes Control box for pump control and 1 underwater light

IP-65 protection. Transparent glass with lock and keys. All products are compatible with:
– 220/240V 1-phase (P+N+T) 50Hz/60Hz
– 380/415V 3-phase (3P+N+T) 50Hz/60Hz
– 220/230V 3-phase (3P+T) 50Hz/60Hz

24H master clock with ¼h steps. Conection for pump remote control (run/stop,…), for the auxiliar equipment (cold detector,…). All the products are supplied with:
– Electric scheme.
– Connection diagram.
– Installation instructions.
– CE certification.
– Gland for each cable input and output.
– Screws and stoppers (4) for wall installation.

The control box must be chosen according to the filtration pump nominal current:
Magnetothermic protection (2 pumps: 1ª from 6 to 10A and 2ª from 2 to 10A) contactor, 24h program clock . 3 positions: Auto / 0 / Manual. 230V 10A protected output for lights. 12V 315VA protected output for 1 underwater light.

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69916 Type A (see technical table)
69917 Type B (see technical table)
69918 Type C (see technical table)
69919 Type D (see technical table)
Type A (see technical table)
Type B (see technical table)
Type C (see technical table)
Type D (see technical table)