Blue Connect Plus Salt

Blue Connect is a smart pool water analyzer that measures water quality and informs you of the chemicals needed to maintain the pool, all from your smartphone.

Blue Connect continuously measures the main parameters of the pool thanks to its “4 in 1” sensor:
– pH;
– water temperature;
– ORP (Redox);
– conductivity.
The results of these analyzes are communicated via notifications or emails on the user’s smartphone.

Blue Connect is a connected device that communicates automatically via the Sigfox network, without going through your home Wi-Fi network. If you do not have access to this network in your location, Blue Connect can connect to your Wi-Fi network through the Wi-Fi Blue Extender box.

In addition, Blue Connect is easily installed in the pool or in the technical room thanks to the Blue Fit50 tapping saddle.

Access your pool data wherever and whenever you want from your smartphone with the free Blue Connect app. When action is needed, a notification is sent and personalized advices help to optimize the use of chemicals.

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Código Descripción Recambios Documentos BIM
70158 Blue Connect Ver recambios
70158-R Blue Connect (white)
70159 Blue Connect Plus Ver recambios
7015C001 Blue Battery
7015C002 Blue Fit50
7015R001 Blue Sensor Pt
7015R002 Blue Sensor Au
71663 Blue Connect Plus Salt (blue)
73014 Blue Connect Go
Blue Connect
Blue Connect (white)
Blue Connect Plus
Blue Battery
Blue Fit50
Blue Sensor Pt
Blue Sensor Au
Blue Connect Plus Salt (blue)
Blue Connect Go