Senext XP

+ Small-sized to fit everywhere
+ Big performance
+ Easy installation and maintenance

Range of compact self-priming pumps with single-phase and three-phase motors. Engineered and built to perform outstandingly, for a long service with high reliability.

The main characteristics of Senext XP are:
• Small-sized to fit everywhere. As a result of its compact design, its footprint is reduced by 25%* and can
fit even in the smallest technical rooms.
• Big performance. Senext XP pump provides 15%** improvement in hydraulic performance.
• Easy installation. Thanks to its retrofit platform and ist specific fittings, this range of pumps can be easily
connected to any installation
• Easy maintenance.
– Extra large pre-filter basket of 2 liters
– Tool-free easy-to-open prefilter cap
– Double water drainage plug for hibernation
* Compared to AstralPool Victoria Plus Silent pump
** Compared to AstralPool Sena pump.

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71616 Senext XP 33M
71617 Senext XP 50M
71618 Senext XP 75M
71619 Senext XP 75T
71620 Senext XP 100M
71621 Senext XP 100T
71622 Senext XP 150M
71623 Senext XP 150T
Senext XP 33M
Senext XP 50M
Senext XP 75M
Senext XP 75T
Senext XP 100M
Senext XP 100T
Senext XP 150M
Senext XP 150T