Pluvium water cannon

The relaxing effect of water in the pool

AstralPool presents its PLUVIUM warterfall and cannon; aquatic ornaments that add a touch of class and elegance to any pool without diminishing their main function: increasing swimmers; feeling of well-being. The cannon sends out a number of streams of water at varying pressures that give the neck and shoulders an intense, revitalising massage. The PLUVIUM range of water features are made of high quality materials that prolong their useful lifetime.

· Made of satin AISI 316 satin stainless steel combined with IPE wood.
· Due to their clean design and materials, the PLUVIUM range of water features perfectly matches all other items in the AstralPool Signature Pluvium range: shower, solar shower, and ELEGANCE steps.
· Adapt to all types of pool.
· Anchoring is sold separately.

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Pluvium cannon
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