Espio alarm

Espio is a typology detector for pool safety installation immersed in the inner wall of the pool, which provides total discretion. Espio is a leader in protection and security of the pool by:
· Immersion of the central detector for total discretion.
· New electronic intelligence for even more precise analysis.
· Ergonomics designed for activation and use simplified.
· Increased autonomy for more tranquility.
Technical Features:
· Complies with NF P90-307/A1
· Remote to activate and change modes
· Automatic rearming after bathing
· Signal monitoring periods not
· Integrated Siren, 100 dB minimum
· Signal Weak batteries
· Failure signal
· Compatible with automatic covers
· Integration into existing pools
· Integration in the pools under construction
· Securing support multi
· Sirena radio remote secure connection
· Size in inches L26 x A20 x a5, 5
· Powered by 4 LR20 batteries
· Battery life 2 years depending on use

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Espio alarm
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