Flash vitreous lining

Creating spaces with their own personality
Large digital images can be printed on FLASH glass mosaic tiles, which are pressed and subsequently fired. This makes them ideal for the indoor and outdoor decoration of swimming pools and wellness centres. The use of photography as a decorative element creates a huge visual impact and an infinite number of possibilities to customise and differentiate spaces. A combination of latest generation technology and materials of the very highest quality are used to make FLASH tiles in order to guarantee their resistance and durability in areas of transit and areas that are in permanent contact with the water.
· A high-resolution image is needed with a minimum resolution of 2 Mb per square metre of printed surface.
· Prepared and treated to resist chemical products, frost, stains, abrasion, sunlight and temperature changes.
· The FLASH glass mosaic tile is a new addition to the wide range of materials, designs and finishes in glass mosaic that AstralPool has on offer.