SOPREMA liner Premium 150/100

Premium and Design :
PVC reinforced membrane of 1.5 mm with varnished coating superior protection against UV and microorganisms.

Roll of 1.65 x 25 m.
12 years waterproofing guarantee.
3 years antibacterial stains guarantee.

Grip (anti-slip version)
Roll of 1.65 x 10 m.
10 years waterproofing

One :

PVC reinforced membrane 1.5 mm with protection standard against UV and microorganisms.

Roll of 1.65 x 25 m.
10 years waterproofing guarantee.

Grip (anti-slip version)
Roll of 1.65 x 10 m
10 years waterproofing guarantee.

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Código Descripción Recambios Documentos BIM
156966/AB Azure Blue One
156966/BS Shapphire Blue One
156966/CA Light Blue One
156966/GA Basalt Grey One
156966/GC Light Grey One
156966/GM Medium Grey One
156966/HB White One
156966/SA Sand One
156966/VC Caribbean Green One
156966/VG Natural Green One
156967/AB Blue Premium
156967/CA Light Blue Premium
156967/DB Dark Blue Premium
156967/GA Basalt Grey Premium
156967/GC Light Grey Premium
156967/GM Medium Grey Premium
156967/HB White Premium
156967/NB Black Premium
156967/SA Sand Premium
156967/VM Wild Musk Premium
156975/BALI Bali Design
156975/MMB Marbella Blue Design
156975/MMBK Marbella Black Design
156975/MMG Marbella Grey Design
156975/MNB Mosaic Blue Design
156975/PB Pearl Black Design
156975/SB Sky Blue Design
156975/SDBA Bali Sand Design
156991/AB Blue Premium Grip
156991/AB Azure Blue One Grip
156991/BALI Bali Design Grip
156991/BS Shapphire Blue One Grip
156991/CA Light Blue Premium Grip
156991/CA Light Blue One Grip
156991/DB Dark Blue Premium Grip
156991/GA Basalt Grey Premium Grip
156991/GA Basalt Grey One Grip
156991/GC Light Grey Premium Grip
156991/GC Light Grey One Grip
156991/GM Medium Grey Premium Grip
156991/GM Medium Grey One Grip
156991/HB White Premium Grip
156991/HB White One Grip
156991/MMB Marbella Blue Design Grip
156991/MMBK Marbella Black Design Grip
156991/MMG Marbella Grey Design Grip
156991/MNB Mosaic Blue Design Grip
156991/NB Black Premium Grip
156991/SA Sand Premium Grip
156991/SA Sand One Grip
156991/SDBA Bali Sand Design Grip
156991/VC Caribbean Green One Grip
156991/VG Natural Green One Grip
156991/VM Wild Musk Premium Grip
Azure Blue One
Shapphire Blue One
Light Blue One
Basalt Grey One
Light Grey One
Medium Grey One
White One
Sand One
Caribbean Green One
Natural Green One
Blue Premium
Light Blue Premium
Dark Blue Premium
Basalt Grey Premium
Light Grey Premium
Medium Grey Premium
White Premium
Black Premium
Sand Premium
Wild Musk Premium
Bali Design
Marbella Blue Design
Marbella Black Design
Marbella Grey Design
Mosaic Blue Design
Pearl Black Design
Sky Blue Design
Bali Sand Design
Blue Premium Grip
Azure Blue One Grip
Bali Design Grip
Shapphire Blue One Grip
Light Blue Premium Grip
Light Blue One Grip
Dark Blue Premium Grip
Basalt Grey Premium Grip
Basalt Grey One Grip
Light Grey Premium Grip
Light Grey One Grip
Medium Grey Premium Grip
Medium Grey One Grip
White Premium Grip
White One Grip
Marbella Blue Design Grip
Marbella Black Design Grip
Marbella Grey Design Grip
Mosaic Blue Design Grip
Black Premium Grip
Sand Premium Grip
Sand One Grip
Bali Sand Design Grip
Caribbean Green One Grip
Natural Green One Grip
Wild Musk Premium Grip