LumiPlus Control Motion:

Colour change CONTROL in your hand.

The LumiPlus Control Motion remote control enables wireless projector control, directly offering on/off options, 12 colour changes, 8 sequence changes and sequence speed. It also detects movement, letting you activate colours and sequences by vertical and horizontal movements, respectively. Compatible with the LumiPlus Wireless range of projectors only.
Can control 2 wireless projectors.

LumiPlus Wireless Range Extender
Allows expansion of the signal that the LumiPlus Control Motion sends to the projectors with the wireless control system.
Ideal for facilities whose architectural features or projectors installation makes it hard for the LumiPlus Control Motion signal to reach the wireless projectors properly.

Flexi (ABS body) V1 RGB Wireless
PAR56 V1 RGB Wireless

Not compatible with stainless steel FlexiNiche projectors.