Amplifier and loudspeakers – RK 600 & 1200 System

Swimming Pool Fun Underwater musical equipment Amplifiers Amplifier and loudspeakers – RK 600 & 1200 System

Amplifier system for 4 or 8 loudspeakers Aquarmony. Enssembled with flight-case in ABS with handle for its transport. 220 V monophase. RK systems are composed by:

       – Automatic mixer for two inputs.

       – Digital equalizer to optimize the efficinecy of the loudspeakers.

       – Power limiter, in order to avoid distorsions or damages in the loudspeakers.

       – 2 or 4 amplifiers of 275 Wrms with transformer of isolation for the loudspeakers.

       – Speakon output for the link of the loudspeakers.

       – Iluminated sign for:

          – Switch on of each channel.

          – High audio potency.

          – Thermical protection

          – Volume regulator independent for each channel.

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25679 RK 1200 System
RK 1200 System
RK 600 System
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