Marlin XS counter-current swimming kit

Fitness, treatment and fun on demand

The MARLIN XS countercurrent swimming equipment makes it possible to customise therapeutic, training and fun activities in any kind of pool. The compact plastic design and its reduced size enable it to be fitted in the smallest of spaces and it is fully compatible with curved pool surfaces (oval-, kidney-, polygonal-shaped, etc.) and various devices can be installed in the same pool. The multi-directional nozzle makes the jet of water easily adjustable to suit different kinds of exercises.

· Equipment specially designed for prefabricated and concrete liner pools.

· Supplied in a kit that includes a front panel, nozzle set, wall housing and a pneumatic ON/OFF switch.

· It is recommended that the countercurrent swimming equipment be installed with a single-phase or three-phase vertical drive pump of between 2 and 3.5 CV with the corresponding control box.

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Countercurrent swimming equipment Marlin XS