Complete White

Convenience & easy installation
A range of Connect & Go power center cabinets is offered to suit most residential pools configurations. Connect & Go power center cabinets contain all electrical protections and switches to manage pool equipment. Everything is pre-wired to ease installation process so it is the perfect solution for new pools, while also being adapted to retrofit situation (simply replace the whole cabinet with Connect & Go).
Once installed, simply follow 4 easy steps:
1. Download the NN PRO app and create your professional user account.
2. Scan Connect Box QR code to register the Connect & Go power center cabinet.
3. Scan power center cabinet barcode to get the predefined pool configuration template.
4. Launch NN compatible products auto detection using the app to get the pool dashboard.

Complete White, control and power devices for two single-phase pump plus a control and power for white lighting.
• IP-65 protection rating. Three transparent lids with lock and key.
• Products compatible with 220/240 V single-phase (P+N+T) 50 Hz/60Hz input.
• Internet connection required.
• Manual (selector) or automatic control for pump, an auxiliary pump, an auxiliary device and lighting.
• Includes Connect Box and 1 GPIO wiring.
• Enables optional temperature sensor connection (code 69682) with no need for accessories.
• Possibility of connecting a levels box.
• A 100 VA transformer is included for lighting.
• Expansion modules can be connected for RGB and GPIO lighting.

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