OC-1 filtration load: The future of pool filtration
OC refers to Open Cell and OC-1 is a mechanical filter that uses open-cell filtration technology to filter water with a high quality, increasing the water saving and energy potential. The filtration media is an extruded plastic compound comprising a base of High Density Polyethylene with Calcium Carbonate.
• Saves water: exclusive filtration method that reduces water consumption by more than 40%.
• Saves power: lets you use a smaller pump or lower the power to get the same flow you would with traditional filtration media.
• Saves time: OC-1 reduces backwash frequency to less than a third of traditional methods, meaning more leisure time for you.
• The OC-1 media has been tested in accordance with current European standard EN16713-1.

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69752 OC-1 filtration media 50l sack
69753 OC-1 filtration media 20l sack
OC-1 filtration media 50l sack
OC-1 filtration media 20l sack