Save 50% of the water used to clean filters Hydrocyclone pre-filter cleaning device that can be fitted to filtration systems in both new and old installations. It is able to treat flows of 30m2/h with a maximum working pressure of 2.5 bars. It is fitted between the pump and the filter and separates out solids of up to 40 micras, thus reducing by half the amount of water consumed for cleaning the filtration system. HydroSpin has a device for collecting solids with three separate areas (settling, clarifying and clouding). It can be cleaned using just five litres of water without having to stop the pump. · Considerable reduction in filter cleaning operations. · Low load losses that make it possible to install it without the need to change the existing pump. · Can be fitted to the ground with the accessories provided or the wall with DN300 flanges. · Standard Ø63 mm connections for water inflow and outflow and Ø32 mm for the evacuation of dirt. To install Hydrospin in the wall, the code 47158 is needed as well.

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