Cl and Br feeder 10Kg Dossi-10 off-line

This chlorine/bromine feeder has been designed to insure proper disinfection of swimming pool water.

This feeder must be installed on the pool feedback line, after the filtration equipment and/or the heating system, water cleaning system or any other equipment or system.

The model can be easily adapted to any swimming pool installation of between 30 and 200 cu. Metres. More than one may be installed for larger volumes.

By regulating the control valve and the amount of tablets available inside the feeder, you can easily adjust the amount of chlorine/bromine required in order to maintain the suitable residual concentration in the swimming pool.

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43998 Dosificador Cl y Br 10 kg off-line
Dosificador Cl y Br 10 kg off-line
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