Freepool 2

Freepool2 disinfects the water thanks to the combination of salt electrolysis, UV lamp and corrects the pH levels by injecting CO2 through the same reactor.
· 75% reduction in the concentration of oxidants in the environment, improving the quality of the environment and reducing the smell of chlorine.
· 20% reduction of combined chloramines in the water, improving the health of users and preventing skin irritations and respiratory diffi culties.
· 100% reduction in the addition of diluted acids and chlorinated products; it completely avoids the need to add chlorinated products (hypochlorite, chlorine tablets, etc.) and acids.
· 66% reduction in the consumption of new supplies of water, with savings in water and energy wherever it is installed.

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70990 Freepool2 180 g Cl/h
Freepool2 180 g Cl/h