Switch System is a dynamic jet ideal for interactive fountains such as Funsquare type, to produce fast water games with individual control for each installed jet. The design of this jet allows state changes without water hammer in the installation.

It has many tile models being able to choose between different types of
round and square designs.

For dry fountains there is the option of the Switch System with 316 stainless steel niche and integrated led RGB-DMX projectors.

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Código Descripción Recambios Documentos BIM
66569 Switch S Power (Light) [W]: 3W
66570 Switch L System
66572 Switch L + Niche
73351 Power (Light) [W]: 3W
73352 Power (Light) [W]: 6W
73353 Power (Light) [W]: 6W
73354 Power (Light) [W]: 12W
73355 Power (Light) [W]: 16W
73356 Power (Light) [W]: 16W
73357 Power (Light) [W]: 6W
73358 Power (Light) [W]: 6W
73359 Power (Light) [W]: 12W
73360 Power (Light) [W]: 16W
73361 Power (Light) [W]: 16W
Switch S Power (Light) [W]: 3W
Switch L System
Switch L + Niche
Power (Light) [W]: 3W
Power (Light) [W]: 6W
Power (Light) [W]: 6W
Power (Light) [W]: 12W
Power (Light) [W]: 16W
Power (Light) [W]: 16W
Power (Light) [W]: 6W
Power (Light) [W]: 6W
Power (Light) [W]: 12W
Power (Light) [W]: 16W
Power (Light) [W]: 16W