Fountains Jets PLUG & PLAY

The Plug and Play fountain kit let you have a small complete fountain into your garden.
It combines comfort, design and energy efficiency in a easy and quick product to install.
It comes with 10 meter cable, a nozzle and a multicolor RGB light included. The nozzle can be replaced by any other nozzle of our plug and play series to configure the fountain to your preference.
The highly efficient RGB LED with color changing sequence brings color into the pond.
The jet height is adjustable up to 3.5 meters, according to the installed nozzle.

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66979 Plug & Play Spear Nozzle kit
66980 Plug & Play Foamy nozzle 35 kit
66981 Plug & Play Vulcano kit
66982 Plug & Play Mushroom kit
Plug & Play Spear Nozzle kit
Plug & Play Foamy nozzle 35 kit
Plug & Play Vulcano kit
Plug & Play Mushroom kit
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