Water treatment

Salt Chlorinators benefits

How do salt chlorinators work?

Salt chlorinators have added a new dimension to the concept of pool water treatment, as they increase the quality of the water, do not need chemical products and make maintenance work easier.

The salt chlorination process:

1. Approximately 4 grams of table salt is added for every litre of water (nine times less than the amount of salt in seawater and very similar in proportion to a teardrop).

2. Once dissolved, an electric current is passed through the water via an electrode and the salt turns into chlorine. Therefore, there is now enough disinfectant in the water to destroy any micro-organisms that may be floating in it.

3. When the chlorine has performed its function as a disinfecting agent, it turns back into salt. This means the concentration of salt remains constant and only occasional top-ups will be necessary to make up for the loss of salt in filter backwashing.

¿What are salt chlorinators benefits?


More natural for the human body through a cleaner wáter and environment, your pool is disinfected automatically. You will no longer suffer from sore eyes, irritated mucous membranes, dry skin or dry hair. The smell and taste of chlorine will completely disappear from your pool. In addition corrosive, unhealthy environments are eradicated. Inhibits bacterial growth.


Spending on chemical products reduced by 90%; only a stabiliser (the first time) and a Ph reducer are required. The only product added is TABLE SALT. Maintenance costs are mínimum and electrical consumption very reduced.


No handling of corrosive chemical products. Electricity consumption is similar to that of a light bulb. The storage of inflammable products is not required. Water is clean, healthy and cristal.