Water filtration, desinfection & energy efficiency

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Water filtration and disinfection

Spa water filtration is essential for preventing bacteria and other microbes from readily growing in the water. Filtration is the first step in spa water treatment and is performed before chemical treatment. There are several types of filtration: pressure cartridge filters, floating skimmers with a cartridge filter and sand filters for professional systems. The automatic disinfection system works thanks to ozone particles injected into the water through a mixing chamber that permanently eliminate contaminants.

Spaecial Zona Tratamientos

Energy efficiency

EcoSpa, the best heat insulation for spas

The EcoSpa option is an essential feature that has a direct impact on spa maintenance costs. The EcoSpa insulation system helps retain heat and reduce the time the electric heater has to work. A well insulated spa consumes less power. By combining the use of a heat-retention cover and the EcoSpa system, you could save up to €20 a month on your spa's consumption.