Spaecial Zona Tratamientos

Drainage rotation massage

Thanks to the impact of the water on the body, it has a lipoactive and firming efffect on the body.

Spaecial Zona Tratamientos

Localised pressure massage

This type of massage exerts continuous pressure on a specific part of the body too alleviate occasional sprains.

Spaecial Zona Tratamientos

Anti-stress rotaation massage

The rotary jet performs a circular motion. Ideal for combating pain caused by poor posture or occasional exertion.

Spaecial Zona Tratamientos

Reflexology foot massage

Foot massages help alleviate muscle and joint pain. This type of massage gives a feeling of pure pleasure and helps you get to sleep.

Spaecial Zona Tratamientos

Air massage

the impact of the air bubbles has a relaxing effect on all of the muscles of the body.

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