Water zone

The word “spa” comes from the Latin expression “Salutem per Acqua“, which makes water the most important part of a wellness circuit

In this area, you will find the features described below, which all have the elegant and functional design that characterises the Spæcial range.

The water and leisure features that can be found in a water zone include effects such as cascades, designed to flow as a curtain of water at a greater or lesser intensity with a relaxing effect by massaging the neck and shoulder area.

There are also water jets that discharge one or various high-pressure streams of water to give a neck massage.

Other features give off air, mainly in the shape of air nozzles in the water that give a full or partial body massage (hydromassage seats, air loungers, etc.)

An essential part of water zone are the showers, of which there are several types:

Mist head showers are designed to create a spray of hot and cold water whose contrast helps induce a state of total relaxation. Bi-thermal showers combine a number of hot and cold water nozzles placed at different heights that can be programmed by users to follow customised sequences. Lastly, the Vichy shower is characterised by a combination of a relaxing manual massage with alternate jets of hot and cold water.

Finally, there are spas whose elegant design means that they will perfectly match any space or décor. Spas create unique spaces of well-being that fulfil everybody’s expectations.