Temperature zone

Spæcial has all of the products that you could wish to find at the temperature zone of a wellness center.

Saunas, which have remained practically unchanged for thousands of years, are ideal for invigorating the epidermis, thanks to greater oxygenation and the elimination of toxins from tissues, in addition to relieving respiratory illnesses (bronchitis, sinusitis, etc) due to the increased capacity for oxygen exchange and ventilation in general.

Steam baths, whose benefits are very similar to those of saunas, cause sweating as a result of the wet heat produced in a cubical saturated with steam.

A steam bath helps the human body, which has over two million sweat glands, to release more toxins than it otherwise would under normal circumstances. The high temperatures in steam baths also help activate the defence mechanisms of the immune system.

Roman baths are halfway between saunas and steam baths, with the peculiarity that impurities are removed by sweating as there is no steam. They can be used practically every day and have no side effects.

Just like steam baths, their main benefits are relaxation, oxygenation, stimulation of blood circulation and better skin hydration.