Photo: Wellness Center Inúu (Andorra) – Architect: Jean-Michel Ruols

Spæcial is created by the neologism made by the words spa and special.The use of the “ae” letter from the latin alphabet appeals the roman tradition, bring us distinction, personality and differentiation, fundamental values in the conceptualization of all wellness projects that AstralPool develops.

Under the Spæcial brand, we offer a complete solution for any wellness project, getting involved in all the phases.

Our service includes the realization of an first project and layout, design, concept and distribution of the areas, users circulation, election of the complements and technical solutions of the installation ( filtration, effects, heating and lighting) Executing the project together with our qualified partners.”

We service our customers with a wide variety of products, distributed in 4 zones:

Temperature Zone, Water and Stainless Steel Zone, Relax Zone and Treatments Zone.

If you haven’t heard about it, let us introduce you to…Spaecial

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